Newton is dedicated to the development of top-of-the-line and innovative systems for the gaming industry. On a regional scale, Newton ranks among the most successful companies dealing with systems supporting slot machines.

With extensive experience in the gaming industry and a large body of knowledge in IT systems, Newton brings together the best of the two worlds, doing so manufacturing hardware, software and integrated systems that excel in reliability, modularity and scalability - leading us to our core values and DNA, durability, security and functionality provided to our partners, D.S.F. for short.

The company's products are developed and produced in Romania and tested in cooperation with our partners in the most demanding gaming environments, which can be upgraded according to their needs and desires. This approach requires exceptional reliability and wide applicability of products as well as high-quality of after-sales services.

Newton builds its market success also on extremely competitive price - performance ratio of its products and services. The company was founded by Dragos Buriu, a visionary in the gaming industry, in 2013 and employs dozens of specialists in the development, support and maintenance, production and sales departments, and cooperates with a number of high ranking suppliers at a global scale.

Newton has extensive experience with markets where On-line systems are required by national regulation. More than 27.000 slots are currently monitored and supported by the Newton system, in partnership with over 100 operators in 5 countries.